8-Hour New Hire Training

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You hire new employees because your business is growing, or because you have experienced turnover.  In both cases, the experience of new hire training is costly and time consuming.   Your newly hired, go-getters are ready for action; they’re a sponge with a seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Meanwhile, your existing staff is feeling stressed out! In addition to their regular duties, now they have to deal with training, Q&A, spot checking work. You have to make an investment in time, training, and resources to ensure your new employee is set up for success.  We provide a variety of solutions to minimize the strain on your existing staff and maximize your investment in your new employees!


Here are just a few benefits of utilizing our New Hire Training Services:

  • Consistency – training according to your procedures, industry best practices, and AMS360 standards… not “the way we’ve always done it.”
  • Efficiency – no drag on existing employees to stop productivity to help train, answer questions, and experience frustration due to falling further behind.
  • Flexibility – training completed in segments that work best for your staff and agency.  All of it can be completed online without additional costs.
  • Affordability – we offer a discount for our 8-Hour training programs!

Customizable Solutions

  • 8 – Hour CSR Training Program
  • 8 – Hour Bookkeeper Training Program
  • Customized Remote or Onsite Training

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