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Agency Platform & AMS360: working together seamlessly
By: Angela Painter
Monday, August 14th
11:00 AM EST
Now that you have purchased the “Platform” what does it mean to your team? Do they know their way around My Agency Home, how and when to use its capabilities, or when to dive right in to AMS360? We will show you the best parts of the Platform while remembering how it interacts with AMS360.  We’ll teach you to look at work differently through the usage of WorkQueue and QuickNavs.


Exporting AMS360 Reports to Excel
By: Jeff Cook
Thursday, August 24th
11:00 AM EST
A hands on approach to manipulating the AMS360 reports you work with everyday using  Macros and Pivot Tables in Excel to save time and gener…

Exclusive for NetVU Members

We all know an apple a day doesn’t really keep the doctor away.  Just like having an accountant or accounting team working daily doesn’t prevent underlying issues that put your agency’s financial health at risk.
What is the condition of your agency’s financial health?
Angela Adams Consulting Services offers two great solutions to provide you with the peace of mind you need and/or the direction and expertise you need to ensure your agency’s accounting is healthy, well-balanced, efficient, and tidy!

Agency Report Card

VCFO Snapshot

Ground-level view of agency accounting, processes, and efficiency.

In-depth review of GL accounts
Company payables balance review
Direct Bill review
Verify all system…

A Whole New Perspective

We have solutions to overcome a variety of challenges that agencies face!  From recruiting and onboarding new hires, to ensuring current staff are efficient and accurate… to helping agencies think more strategically and grow in our ever-changing environment.  Whether you have operational challenges, accounting or CSR needs,  or need help making strategic decisions to ensure your agency’s long-term success, Angela Adam’s Consultants have the expertise your agency needs!

Talk with one of our Consultants today to learn more about how we can help!

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Vertafore Agency Platform Series
3-part Series Starting this week!
July 12, 2017- Preparing Your Agency
How do you prepare your team for success with…

Hot Lessons & Cool Previews

What is Your Customer’s Experience? 
Wed, Jun 14, 2017 11:00 AM EST
Have you ever asked yourself as an Agency Owner, Principal or Manager – What do our Customers think of us? How are we doing? Have we met their needs? If you haven’t, then it might be time to understand what your Customer’s experience has been when working with your team and organization.

Start with your initial contact, your website…incoming calls, whether new or existing customer explore with us on how to give yourself a “checkup” on your Customer’s experience.

Renewal List Tool

Wed, June 28th 11:00 AM EST

Stop using paper for tedious Expiration Lists and give supervisors a way to easily track progress. Tammy will demonstrate how…


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