Platform Navigator

We’ll be your trusted guide from purchase to implementation.

You’ve made your investment in Vertafore’s Platform, now what? If your team is not using My Agency Home to manage WorkQueues and launch QuickNavs utilizing an automated and customized process, you aren’t getting a good return on your investment.

We will guide you through our proven process that ensures your agency is using all of the capabilities and features you have purchased. We will make sure your team is properly, and confidently, using My Agency Home to launch QuickNavs which provides a step-by-step process that we build according to the way your agency performs business processes, and your agency’s culture.


What We Do:

  • Provide a preserver to get you afloat by reviewing your Platform Bundle alongside the software you already have installed.  We also evaluate your VSSO and Security set-ups.
  • Navigate your team through implementation by prioritizing what you want to install and deploying to staff, ensuring careful evaluation of current processes and expert implementation of new ones.
  • While we are on course, we review your current processes and software use to fill gaps and polish procedures for use with My Agency Home, WorkQueue and QuickNavs.
  • We provide role specific, thorough training and champion full adoption of new technology, creating tangible returns through increased productivity and employee satisfaction. We ensure your entire team is smooth sailing!
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Why Choose Us…

We understand the software AND what it takes to actually get it fully implemented.  Just turning on My Agency home isn’t the cure-all!  

We take the time to understand your purchase, your existing software and processes, your agency, your culture, and your expectations and then we work WITH you to ensure you and each position on your team understands what Platform influences, and how it will impact overall productivity.  

Our goal is to get your team and processes aligned with the capabilities of your software so that implementation of Platform is smooth sailing!  


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