Staff Development Solutions

Staff  Development Solutions

Beyond software training, our consultants know what your team needs to be successful in the real world.  Our training is flexible, affordable and above all… valuable!  Our consultants know the software, and they know how your employees are supposed to be using it. Even better than that, our consultants take the time to customize development solutions to reach your agency goals.  We ensure industry-wide best practices are used, but also affirm procedures and process instituted in your agency are uniquely catered to your agency culture!

8 Hour New hire Training

Ensure thorough, consistent training provided by industry experts, rather than taking time away from existing staff to train and answer questions.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Navigation in AMS360
  • Adding Customers and Policies
  • Dec Page View
  • Renewals
  • Endorsements
  • E-Forms including Certificate of Insurance
  • Invoicing

Onsite & Remote Training

Fill virtually any gaps in knowledge for any team member from producer, CSR, to Agency Principal.  We can come to your office or provide training using your computer and phone! All sessions are completely customizable and catered to your agency’s way of doing business.

Some classes include:

  • Excel for the CSR
  • Why your reports aren’t accurate
  • Producers Guide to AMS
  • Creative Reporting
  • Setting up your Budget
  • Renewal Management


Our tools provide an in-depth analysis of how your team is performing along with expert advice on changes you can make that will provide a big impact in your overall strategic plan.

  • CSR Proficiency Assessment
  • Accounting Assessment
  • Procedure Manual Auditing
  • We can also customize an assessment for your recruiting needs
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