Virtual Operations Manager

Virtual Operations Manager

Running a successful agency is hard work! There are endless responsibilities, and knowing everything about everything behind the scenes can sometimes feel like an impossible task… Leading you to wonder, “What’s really going on when I am not there?

Our Virtual Operations Management Solution is designed to equip you with meaningful analysis of behind the scenes operations so that you can make the best strategic decisions for your agency!

With our experience in agency management,  we understand what you need to manage and what to do with the tools and data your management system provides. Most of all, we understand that your priorities often keep you away from the day-to-day management of your agency so we can provide the extra eyes and ears you need to truly get the most out of your office team.

We can provide:

Your Virtual Operations Manager will provide weekly, easy to read, summary reports that turbo-boost the data from your system, comprising information such as: activity counts, policies handled, suspense tracking, and so much more! We will spotlight problem areas and suggest solutions for expeditious problem solving. Additionally, you will receive:

Executive Dashboard

We will customize your Executive Dashboard to highlight the metrics that are important to your agency, allowing you to view all information at a glance. This time saving Dashboard creates visibility to promote ongoing improvements, while comparing performance to your agency’s goals and will help identify improvements needed in employee service performance. The Executive Dashboard can be tailored to your Agency to focus on Account Managers, Producers, New Business, Lost Business, and/or Company.

Book of Business Analysis

The book of business analysis can provide Agency Owners and Managers with meaningful reporting to help them better understand the staff’s current workloads, including number of customers, policies, and premium volumes. This analysis will also help to ensure that current work levels are evenly divided among the staff. This information can also be provided on the Executive Dashboard.

Account Manager Monitoring

Monitoring your staff is less about Big Brother and more about ensuring they have proper training, are adhering to agency procedures and standards, working efficiently, and properly allocated work. By tracking weekly or monthly Activities, Suspense, Documents, Renewals, Downloads, Expired Policies, and New Business transactions you’re able to see how your staff is handling their workload. AM Monitoring gives you the information to see if changes need made in your agency. This information can be provided on the Executive Dashboard.

Cross Sell Programs

This service will give your staff the information they need to round out your accounts. We can run the Target lists from your management system and monitor the results. We can also work with your staff on a Coverage of the Month program. By focusing on specific coverages, we can help your agency sell more and reduce coverage gaps, while educating your staff and serving your customers.

Customer Experience Reviews

By conducting calls or sending surveys, we are able to obtain feedback from new business, existing business, or lost customers. This service helps you understand what areas your agency is excelling in and what areas could be improved. Being a third party allows us to obtain more honest feedback, giving you more usable information.

Download Setup

Assistance with company download setups will help to ensure that the Agency is taking full advantage of all the downloads that are available to the Agency, and also ensures the Agency setups are done correctly within the management system to promote a smooth download implementation.

Form Letter Library

Form Letters are used daily, but often haven’t been revised in years. While reviewing your Forms Letters, we will ensure links from AMS360 are intact and usable and refresh language to keep it from getting stale. If your agency is doing most of its communication via email we can help your staff use Form Letters via email. This reduces time while ensuring approved language is being used.

Global Changes

Accurate personnel information in customer setup and policy setup is a critical component to the Agency’s overall operations and reporting accuracy. Global Changes of personnel ensures that the current staff is listed on all active clients and policies within the management system . We can run this utility for your agency.

Incentive Program Creation

Incentives can be a powerful tool for your sales team and staff alike. We will work with you to formulate clear, obtainable goals, create a well-defined plan, implement tracking procedures, and calculate incentives once goals are reached. This promotes account growth, staff participation, and a healthy bottom line.

Incentive Program Monitoring

Having goals in place is key in growing your business and making sure you are on track with agency objectives. Tracking and monitoring may be the most important piece of goal setting. Allow us to measure results from Incentive Plans and Cross Sell Programs to ensure your goals are met.

New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new employees is critical for a successful transition not only for the employee but for the Agency. Ensuring that the new employee is well educated on the Agency’s culture, standards and workflows also provides the best possible outcome for a longstanding employment relationship.

Procedure Manual Audit

A procedure manual audit will provide Management with the necessary confidence that their staff members are following the Agency’s established standards and workflows. The Audit will also uncover educational opportunities and performance issues based on the results. It will ensure and more accuracy when running and evaluating Agency reports.


Reporting is essential for management and strategic planning within an Agency. Owners and Managers depend on accurate reporting to make sound business decision when evaluating the Agency for operational improvements and growth opportunities. We can assist with all reporting needs.

Security Review

Setting proper security in your agency is vital to protecting your customers, your data, and your staff. Reviewing, editing, and creating policies for different AMS360 user groups is foundational to your agency’s success.

Setup Review

Reviewing the Agency’s setup is a very important step in better understanding how the Agency’s management is currently set up and what improvements can be made to ensure the Agency is operating most efficiently and effectively.

Create Service Standards

Setting Agency service standards is a crucial part of setting customer service expectations not only for the staff but also for the Agency’s customers. We can take your agency’s goals and values to assist you in creating Best Practices service standards. If overall Agency standards are adhered to, then customer satisfaction should be achieved.

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